It is my pleasure to give an unqualified personal and professional recommendation to Neil Cowley, currently of Peoria, Illinois. Mr. Cowley and I have worked together periodically for about six years, he as Field Producer and videographer for Guns & Ammo TV and Petersen’s Hunting Adventures TV , two television series aired on The Sportsman Channel; myself as co-host of both series and on-screen ‘talent.’ My background is career outdoor journalist with 40 years’ experience; and also 31 years as a Marine Corps infantry officer, both active and reserve.

Mr. Cowley and I have traveled to numerous destinations both U.S. and abroad to film, and I have always been pleased when he was assigned to me (or is it vice versa?). He is extremely intelligent, always maintains a good sense of humor, and consistently works as long as it takes and goes to whatever lengths necessary to get the job done. He is both technically skilled and technologically advanced, and, unlike many of his peers, expends a great deal of thought and effort prior to a shoot making certain that he is prepared and has the proper equipment for the job.

In outdoor television we generally expect one person to do the work of at least two and probably three. This is not entirely a budgetary consideration; every additional person multiplies the difficulty of capturing the outdoor experience. So a “cameraman” in our world is actually expected to be the Field Producer, Director, and at least 1 st and 2 nd Camera all at the same time. With Neil Cowley behind the cameras the host or talent simply doesn’t need to worry. He will have the proper equipment and will capture the video required to produce an excellent end result.

We are constantly thrown into unfamiliar situations, often requiring physical exertion but always mental agility, and in many cases we must rely on perfect strangers. Mr. Cowley is able to roll with the punches, but among his many excellent attributes is this: His interpersonal skills are excellent. He is able to get along with anyone and everyone.

Again, Mr. Cowley has my unqualified and most enthusiastic recommendation; he is an extremely talented young man with a bright future ahead of him. If I can answer any specific questions or provide more information I will be happy to. I can be reached by email at or by phone at (805) 610 6178


Craig Boddington

Colonel, USMC (ret) – Weatherby Awarded Journalist

In the Field Edit with Craig in Mexico:

Tropical Whitetail – In the Field Edit from Neil Cowley – Visual Artist on Vimeo.

Broadcast Edit from Mexico with Craig:

Petersen’s Hunting Adventures – Broadcast Edit from Neil Cowley – Visual Artist on Vimeo.