Dixie Rose Proposal

2Classy & Engaging Content

Professionally shot and edited

Is within reach for ~$20 a post

50 I Recently Did Some Branding for a Ukrainian artist QSENSX at the start of the war. He has a niche of dancers who like the middle eastern and down tempo pace of his music.

Classy Media For Classy Clients

Online media can set the tone for the room that develops in your small town, small space.  As an owner operator, you can bring your voice, and familiarity to the space to allow for the ‘cheers’ atmosphere that you are trying to establish in your messaging.

Instead of using crappy cellphone images, consider using professionally produced pieces that are carefully crafted messaging of both the fun atmosphere, and individual personalities of dancers and the space.  I have two decades of lighting and production experience that can keep the tone of stage lighting, but execute it clear, sharp and beautiful effect.  As online censorship grows, I can also carefully direct the non-explicit sexy content that won’t trip content filters and advertising blocks.  Good sound, is a key element of professional media, and will help bring the place alive in media.

Won’t Break the Bank

I can do a 5 hour shoot for $500

If you work carefully on your pre-production so that dancers are ready, and they know their spoken parts – we can probably get 2 to 3 month’s of video clips completed in that time.  Planning is the key to good media, so you’ll want to have each dancer do a personal greeting, and then maybe tell a joke, tell a story, do a short tip for ‘strip club manners’, or say something in a sexy stripper voice.  So if you have 10 dancers, plus yourself you automatically have 20 clips.  If each dancer dances out 1 song, you’ll have enough amazingly good dance content to last 90 days.  With lighting and set and wardrobe changes, it can look like there’s always something fresh going on even from a single day of production.

Back to yourself as the owner, we can do basic virtual tour video, and you can break the ice for anyone who doesn’t know where it is (that was me) or any other repeatable messaging – like $2 tallboy tuesdays – so if you include 14 daily promos voiced by you – you’re already over 30 individual voiced clips.  And I think you should do a set of clips ‘for the ladies’ – as most of the women I hang out with enjoy a strip club as much as the men.

Editing & Delivery

I don’t guess how long it will take to edit your media, I can tell you it’ll at least take 10-16 hour to edit and export all the clips we shoot and I charge $50/hr.  So let’s budget this as 500 to shoot and 500 to edit, where you receive about 50 individual clips – enough to post one original piece a day for June, July and August for the price of one dude’s spending at the club!  I will argue all day long that you won’t find a more effective reach or marketing pull for $10/day!

Marketing Management

There are a lot of tricks to get and maintain visibility online!  I got the Mexican ice-cream store 15,000 views on google maps with a video I uploaded of one of their dishes.  The market is pay to play so you may want to do some light advertising on google maps, facebook, or instagram. The big corps frown on ‘sexual’ content, but there are plenty of ways to creatively script your content to not feature any overly sexualized imagery as well as build a ‘street team’ of loyal clients who can be paid in drinks for posts or comments.  With a clever approach, and steady quality content – new patrons will be walking through the door – I’m glad to listen to new ideas and provide solutions that grow you to the size you want to be.