Making Sales on the Tangent

Content marketing sells by putting future customers into the video participants portrayed experience.

Aaron moved the energy level of this segment up from infomercial to game.  Everyone can envision themselves doing a shootout with their buddy at home, and a laser target product rather than a bullet makes that possible.  We are playing the duck hunt we played as kids, complete with real shotgun and spray laser pattern.

Integrating YouTube for your Business

In fashioning your video campaign, go beyond infomercial, product demonstration and the basics of marketing.  Script some energy, some fun and engage an audience without the 4th wall of ‘professionalism’.

Mat Best sells coffee with humor, and lots of guns.  With 100,000 views on the low side – and 2,000,000 views on the high side that level of engagement with the marketplace is unheard of from the Madison Avenue era of advertising.

Veteran television is reaching gun users and looking for advertising dollars for their comedy channelDevin Supertramp sells nothing but silly funpink panda and fortnight for 27million views anyone?




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