AMD Plastics utilized Neil for their Ohio, Indiana and Mexico facilities to capture engaging manufacturing capabilities video content.  The unique service offering of AMD provides clients large parts thermoforming with complex assembly and finishing processes.  The goal is a 30 second piece introducing potential clients to the capabilities without using trade terminology.

Marketing Services

for Complex Sales Cycles

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Remarketing Ads for Validated Contacts
  • Customer Resource Manager Software (CRM)
  • Lead followup tracking
  • Email Marketing

Neil’s capture and creativity bringing the manufacturing process to life was invaluable.  But his attention to the whole online experience, and putting the tools in the hands of our sales teams to nurture new leads was something I’d never experienced before in sales ANYWHERE.  The CRM loaded with custom content increased our followup sucess probably 400% and has ended up increasing our revenue by 40% – more than a 200% ROI on our media spending!

Travis Dowell

VP Sales, Otto USA

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