Independent Music Video Director Richmond

Neil often works in Richmond VA with creative companies, musicians and advertising agencies.  The base rate for a minimal music video will be $500 – and if you don’t believe enough in your music to scrape together 5 Benjamin’s then we don’t need to be talking.  Neil can help you work to keep your costs down by collaborating with club promoters, venues and educational facilities to give you a productive set – or place to shoot your video project.  In this video as an example, the subject of the song is ‘drunk texting’ and so we shot all the takes live on the street in Shockhoe bottom at closing time on Saint Patricks day.  That’s real life, real drunks on the street and playing up the city AL B plays every week.

How to keep your music video production costs down:

  • Hire someone capable of One Day shoot and edit turnaround
  • Keep your script simple
  • Keep your set natural
  • Know your material
  • Work with your friends and community

Contact Neil to have your indie music video produced: