New Mexico Recording Engineer




Audio Recording for Podcast, Live Presentation & Music:

Signal Chain Options:

  1. Aston Origin & Rode NT1 Vocal Mics
  2. Wireless Lavaliers 4 channels

Live mixing and Recording:

  1. 8 Channel Behringer Board
  2. Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio
  3. Scarlet Mic Preamps

Live & Recording Software:

  1. Open Broadcaster studio
  2. Filtered audio with Waves
    1. Greg Wells VoiceCentric Plugin
    2. Playlist Rider – live volume management
    3. WLM Plus Loudness Meter – software analyzed loudness
    4. NS1 Noise Suppressor
  3. Adobe Creative Suite: Audition

Poor audio quality is a major reason viewers and listeners abandon videos, podcasts and live streams. Don’t treat audio as an afterthought – improve the audio quality of your content with the most popular tools in the industry.

  • Boost & brighten dull voice recordings
  • Smooth out the levels of multiple sources (host, guests, music) automatically
  • Meet the loudness standards of major content platforms
  • voice & music-under-voice
  • Automatic adaptive real-time noise suppression

Music Engineering:

If you are looking for a low-budget recording option that produces quality sound without the extra trappings of a performance space, get creative with your use of location and incorporate it into your sound.   The high quality WAV files recorded by Neil can be mastered and manipulated on your own, or with a professional sound mixer/producer to achieve the final polished sound you’re looking for your album.  Neil’s field experience and video production addition can boost your simple music video production into full album shortening the album development cycle and cost for independent musicians.

Podcast and Live Production:

Nothing ruins your presentation and following worse than bad sound.  Get through the clutter with dedicated location sound engineering.  If you’re just starting out, the experience and guidance on building a signal chain right for your presentation is key to minimizing heavy time and effort sucking penalties in ‘correcting’ or ‘fixing in post’.

New Mexico True:

You won’t find anywhere more free.  Anywhere more artistic.  Anywhere more inspiring.  Create your recording atmosphere in any of the unique artistic AirBNB locations across the state and respond to the environment in your musical creation.


Base rate is $150 for setup and $25/hr.