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Drone Piolot since 2013

Single Dad

23 Years of Media Publishing

Marketing Automation Card Trick

A Marketing AutomationTrick from Neil

Peoria IL Music Video Director

Storyline Music VideoLive Sound @ Studio StandardsMedia as Marketing is the 21st Century   You are the brand - and taking the necessary steps to invest in yourself, will set you up for financial stability in the topsy turvy music business.  To set your sites on...

Fractional Director of Marketing & Content Producer Neil Cowley

Fractional Marketing ManagerNeil's unique freelance career has positioned him to be a unique producer manager of content & campaigns. From Big Picture branding to daily social media posts - Neil's epic swath of skills and experiences have made him ready to grow...

Plastics Manufacturer Promo VIdeos

AMD Plastics utilized Neil for their Ohio, Indiana and Mexico facilities to capture engaging manufacturing capabilities video content.  The unique service offering of AMD provides clients large parts thermoforming with complex assembly and finishing processes.  The...

Motion Graphics and Title Designer Illinois

https://vimeo.com/428060981 Motion Graphics present the link between your ideas and your audience. Title design is used to catch attention - and in this specific Ag market where long-time industrial workers may have hearing loss - we are designing the videos to reach...

Startup Branding & Pitch Deck Design

Startup Branding Starting from scratch can be daunting, as all the artists face the blank page.  A trusted designer to move into your project and reflect with you is an invaluable asset in developing your communications materials. Here the startup bridges the...

Agribusiness SAS Branding

Agribusiness sector technology startup SAS for leased ground management. Branding Design, Interface Design, UX, UI, and market research.

Boulder Rights of Nature

Graphic Design and concept for 6 page concept document for environmental justice project.