Our last flight in Mexico landed us in Ciudad del Carmen a remote oil town on the gulf side of the Yucatan Peninsula.  From town we boarded a boat to travel two hours into the Campeche jungle up the Atasta waterways toward the Reserva de la Biosfera Pantanos de Centla.  

Flying into this assignment I was leaving a northern hemisphere fall where daytime temperatures were hovering just above freezing.  When I landed in Campeche we were leaving the comfort of air conditioning and stepping out into the thick gulf air.  A long boat ride up the river kept the breeze in our hair, but by the end of dinner the close heat had begun to sink in.

Ultra Light Camera Kit:

Canon 70D
Canon 70D
Canon 60D
Gopro Hero4
GoPro Gimbal
DJI Phantom
Sigma 150-600
Rokinon 14mm CINE
Canon 24-105mm
Senheiser Wireless Audio

“The Best Episode We’ve Shot”


I was sent to South Africa with a Sony EX1.  Heavily used by that point, and it’s autofocus and zoom lens assembly failed.

I was sent with no backup – but I had my personal Canon 6D along for the trip – so I had to shoot the remaining 10 days of a 14 day trip with only a Canon 6D – a consumer SLR camera for broadcast TV production.