Extraordinary Production Skills

  • Set Lighting Design – outdoors and indoors
  • Camera Movement – jib, dolly, gimbal
  • Aerial: quadcopter & drone, Helicopter
  • Remote Location Travel :
    Alaska, Africa, New Zealand, China, Yukon
  • Audio Management & one man band
  • Multicamera Field Operation and direction with Odyssey Apollo
  • Dangerous materials: SFX, handguns and rifles
  • Timelapse Photography & Camera Movement
  • Solo Field Director for unscripted content
  • Shot timing and cut interleaving in camera movement

Field Director






for unscripted content

Lighting Designer

Remote Location Specialist

Camera Movement Designer

Jib Operator

Studio Production Workflow

Muli Camera Sync & Direction

Detailed Lensing & Macro Photography



Wilderness Concept Edit

The producer instructed me to bring some new life to his ‘favorite place on earth’ to which he travels every year and has been a staple of the show for 10+ years.  To give you some perspective, we are 3 hours by sand, dirt and gravel roads into the green Kalahari of north central South Africa – about 20km from the Botswana border – and 3 hours from a town of any size.  I put this edit together in a tin roofed shack in my spare hours off if that helps give it a perspective.  My production responsibilities encompass everything from character development with guests to morning and evening timelapse photography.  A day’s operation stretches from 6am to 9pm.  Unless you mistake that Africa is always hot we are at a southern latitude equal to Michigan’s northern sides. The mornings often have frost in the winter and we are at about 4500ft elevation increasing the chill in the desert environment.  We have worked with dangerous game such as cape buffalo, as well as the most elegant ‘grey ghost’ the kudu, eland and everything down to steam bok.  The small trailer edit was a proof of concept while in the field and was called broadcast ready by the producer.  We focuses on ambient sound, brewing coffee in the field, and many other sideline events like a pair of hawks taking off from roost to bring visual life to a common storyline.
The Kalahari game reserve run by my friend Harry is ‘my favorite place on earth’.

Year in and year out we come here for some of the best international experiences my clients have ever had.  The challenge then becomes making the same place look new, fresh or interesting.

I gave Neil that task, and the edit he did in the tin roofed shack was ready for broadcast! Kevin Steel

Pulisher & Producer , Petersen's Hunting Adventures