Graphic Design Portfolio

21 years of Graphic design for:

  • 100+ page books & catalogs
  • Monthly High Gloss Magazines
  • Trifold Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Branding Packages
  • UX, UI, and Websites
  • Investor Decks
  • Logotypes and Identity

Adobe Creative Suite Mastery:

  • InDesign – long form document layout
  • Illustrator – Scalable graphic design
  • Photoshop – image editing
  • Lightroom – asset management
  • Premier Pro – video editing
  • After Effects – video effects
  • Asset Management Workflow
  • Meta Document Management
  • Dataset Placement and design

Branding packages

Branding & Tradeshow Design

Startup Web package

Long form Print Design

Boulder Rights of Nature Campaign

Design for INDUSTRY

Homepage Design



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photography or video case studies:

Video Title & Motion Graphics

Promo Packaging

Fractional Director of Marketing & Content Producer Neil Cowley

Fractional Marketing ManagerNeil's unique freelance career has positioned him to be a unique producer manager of content & campaigns. From Big Picture branding to daily social media posts - Neil's epic swath of skills and experiences have made him ready to grow...

Startup Branding & Pitch Deck Design

Startup Branding Starting from scratch can be daunting, as all the artists face the blank page.  A trusted designer to move into your project and reflect with you is an invaluable asset in developing your communications materials. Here the startup bridges the...

Agribusiness SAS Branding

Agribusiness sector technology startup SAS for leased ground management. Branding Design, Interface Design, UX, UI, and market research.

Boulder Rights of Nature

Graphic Design and concept for 6 page concept document for environmental justice project.

Complex Graphic Design

Photorealistic Montage The above image was shot in a hurry for the child's expression.  The catalog is in a 2:1 panoramic layout.  Extensive and delicate pixel based editing was needed to bring a matching realistic look and feel to the 2 dimensional setpieces.  The 2...

Individual Yoga Teacher Branding

Individual Yoga Teacher Branding and Marketing design setup for $250. Photography & Video production included.

Branding Designer: Logo Portfolio

A smattering of logo design projects for you to browse. Your business deserves to put it's strongest presence possible into the marketplace.  It takes the consistent work of a skilled designer to move  your business up into the conscious consumer's mind.  Hire local -...

Branded Video Social Media Content

NerdyGirl has excellent: scripting & performance She creates her own performances from her home studio to match themed blog posts. Relying on the jumpcut A jump cut is a cut in film editing in which two sequential shots of the same subject are taken from camera...

Branding: Children’s Clothing

Clothing An established clothing company launches a sub-brand.Specialty niche  Rockin Baby had been selling 4 seasons of children's clothing in the 'one to one' business model and needed a new sub-brand that didn't carry the 1-2-1 commitment. The 'social value'...

Social Media transitions in a Traditional Company

Taking a 50 Year Old Property into the Social Age Petersen's Hunting Magazine was started in the 50's by Pete Petersen, a Los Angeles publishing giant who's media strategy went like this: "For the kind of magazine I publish," Petersen once declared, "the newsstand is...