The Boulder Rights of Nature campaign, and Earth Law.org chose me for a design improvement to their Boulder Campaign Brocure.  Written by legal minds, in legal typsetting – the document needed multi-device compatability and a visual harmony with the ideals of the campaign.

The campaign seeks to assign the rights of a person to the watershed to ensure protection of the natural resource.  The visual treatment for a text heavy document used inspirational nature photos to bring mystery, wonder and reverence into the document to bring to mind the likes of Thorea and Muir in the readers of the document.  This is the campaign Ansel Adams would be proud to have his images illustrate – but we had connected through Catchafire and were working on low budgets so we used imagery from the free stock library Unsplash


  • Multi Device Compatable
  • Screen Scaling
  • Printable
  • Universal Experience