Camera KitS:

4 Camera – Sony FS700 kit

  • recording AVCHD up to 480fps
  • HD ProRes 422 10bit 1920×1080 up to 240fps
  • 4k ProRes or  DNxHR 10bit up to 240fps
  • 4 camera kit recorded straight to timeline over SDI
  • Atamos Shogun Pro:  Monitor & switch live on set

    5 Camera Canon SLR KIT

    • 5D Mark 4 for easy quality look famous from 5D
    • XC15 – run and gun HD and 4k footage
    • 2 Canon RAW timelapse cameras
    • 2 Canon APS  EOSM for gimbal and tight placements (cab mounts)



    Fast Modern Primes:

    • Canon 200mm f2.8
    • Canon 85mm f1.2
    • Canon 50mm f1.2
    • Canon 35mm f1.4
    • Canon 24mm f1.4
    • RokinonCine  14mm f2.8, 24 1.8, 35 1.4, 50 1.4, 3x 85 1.8
    • Sigma 200-600mm f5.6

    Antique and unique looks:

    • Russian 135 f3
    • 8mm fisheye
    • 12mm rectilinear fisheye
    • Mid 60’s olympus 55 f1.8
    • Chinese 800mm mirrored

    Extra and duplicate focal lengths for time lapse and specialty placements.

    *please note ZERO zoom action will be included in your footage.  If you wish to have zoom in or out footage – a rental will be required.

    Camera Support and Movement


    15ft” Jib on Rails

    • 20ft all terain rail
    • Heavy Duty Platform
    • 12ft boom/jib arm for over talent and vehicle height actions.
    • More action opportunities low to ground
    • More action opportunites over head – beats a gimbal every time; or can mount an advanced gimbal for remote controlled movement tracking

    DJI Inspire 1 or MAVIC 2 PRO

    – Drone Operator

    • Inspire on default camera (upgrades can be rented)
    • OSMO steady gimbal
    • Mavic 2 Pro Easy launch footage

    Syrup Timed Pan and Tilt Head

    • Programmable horizontal pan for camera movement for time-lapse photography
    • Cable walker long travel actuator for horizontal travel



    2-6 Channels Wireless Lav
    Location Sound
    • Sennheiser 416
    • 4 Channels Wireless Lav
    • Sound Devices Location kit
    • Scarlet 4×8 Mic Preamps, live or podcasting kit


    • 2 Aston Origin
    • Rhode NT3 Hypercardioid Condenser
    • Rhode NT5 matched pair

    Perfect Kit for

    Podcast Production

    Live Music Recording


    20FT All Terrain Rail

    16FT Crane & Overhead