How to Choose a CRM in Six Easy Steps

The right CRM software ensures a faster and smoother transition from lead to defined prospect through closed sale.  Customer relationship management (CRM) systems maintain data on a central platform for ease of use – but they are far from easy to configure!  The most important factor you want to focus on is ‘owning your cookie’ – or another way to frame it would be to own your own tracking software – which is synonomous to the big guy on the block Google Pixel (and adwords).  When you own that browser tag called a cookie, you then have more options for tracking and you’re in charge of your customer interaction.

As a SharpSpring consultant Neil guides organizations to deliver customized content, and user experiences across the various social media platforms and primarily – your own website!  The right CRM enables you to develop and maintain meaningful customer relationships, but the Sharpspring advantage shows up in direct management of an ad network.  So that you can compare costs directly, don’t be misled by SalesForce’s low introductory offer – if we’re comparing the features you have to go up to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud which costs $1250 per user per month on a 12 month contract.  Neil’s preferred liscensing for Sharpspring can manage 10 sales staff and provide 10,000 emails a month for a

$10,800 savings per month.

CRM software matched with a content marketing strategy tracks your prospects’ unique journeys through your products or informational content.  Sharpspring is able to delivery customized content via email exchanges that are NOT AI GENERATED – but carefully designed presentations that allow for user objections and decision making time to 

How Do I Find the Perfect CRM?

You don’t – stop being idealistic and be realistic that your design time will be 1-3 months!  So save money on the software cost, and invest your time and attention to crafting engaging content.  The perfect CRM is an unatainable dream – but we do the main things just fine:

  • Track All Social Media Platforms
  • Email Marketing: fully automated
  • SMS Support, Followup and tracking
  • Remarketing & Display Marketing
  • Chatbot
  • Pipeline Valuation and Customized Reports

Sharpspring will meet your organization’s requirements and exceed your sales needs while not breaking the budget. It is also future proof, the system will import existing Salesforce data, and stay in sync with Salesforce accounts if you wish it to.

1. Establish Priorities and Goals

Improved conversion rates begin with establishing priorities. Start with a business audit or gap analysis to clarify your goals. Then deep dive into past performance reports to find areas that need improvement. Once you know your goals, Neil’s creativity and expertise tackle those you can find a CRM system that helps you reach them. Hit this button to schedule a 30min demo with Neil now!

2. Understand the Team’s Requirements

The second step is allow your team to voice their wishes for the CRM system – 90% of businesses Neil has worked with had very frustrated sales staff and the CRM gave them better tools and higher job satisfaction in the end.  All of us have been exhausted at the end of a day of phonecalls, text mesages, emails and constant catchup to the notification bells. Sharpspring brings the sales and marketing departments together to make happier employees. Those employees have the insights that you want to mine for solutions, improvements, and pain point relief.  Allowing a sales person the tools to double or quadruple the number of contacts they are able to touch only improves their career outlook and job efficiency.  Departments such as procurement also benefit from using CRM software to make crucial production decisions that have avoided costly product shortages by keeping a clear vision of the sales pipeline.

3. Explore Robust Features

Sharpspring Marketing Automation CRM software offers thousands of features to help you track sales performance and refine customer connections. First, review what the CRM software should do with your team to find the right workflow. Data security options, such as advanced user permissions and encryption ensure privacy and accuracy.

4. Identify the Types of CRM Systems

The fourth step is identifying the three basic types of CRM systems. The first is collaborative, to support teams working together at large corporations or organizations. The second is operational to streamline and simplify the customer relations process and follow prospects through the sales journey. Finally, the third is analytical delivering insight into customers’ buying behavior and purchasing trends. Sharpspring or Salesforce Marketing Cloud systems offer a combination of features for a truly robust CRM solution – that more than pays for itself in increased sales.  Previously Neil has driven 400% revenue growth with Sharpspring at the core.

5. Determine the Budget

CRM software pricing is based on factors such as features, storage capacity, and the number of users. Free CRM software exists, such as Insightly for project management or Bitrix 24 for companies with multiple users and contacts. HubSpot is another popular free CRM with limited features. Free software often does not have all the desired features and leaves those gaps hanging while just demanding more time and adjustment by your staff. Sharpspring CRM software helps you realize an ROI on content and marketing campaigns, cuts contact gaps by hours and days, and points sales staff to the users that are falling between the cracks or loosing interest. Establish a reasonable budget and discuss a custom contract cost for Neil’s setup consulting before shopping the bottom shelf price so you can compare apples to apples.

6. Pull the Trigger

With the installation of an affordable CRM you should be able to show ROI within three months. The sixth and last step in choosing a CRM is commiting to it! Read user reviews of potential software and talk to other professionals about their CRM experience. At the end of the day, you’re going to be improving all metrics of your business efficiency. Analysis paralisis has an opportunity cost higher than your ROI from Sharpspring integration. Jump in with Neil, and enjoy the ride.  Hit the chatbot to the right to send your contact details and Neil will be glad to talk through your remaining hesitations.

What Is the Importance of Choosing the Right CRM?

Staying relevant in a constantly evolving international marketplace requires data analysis and constant evolution based on your core IP, unique products or SAAS features. The right CRM maximizes your incoming audience intelligence while marketing & sales win more revenue. CRM should help your company:

  • Build additional business opportunities & gather reviews
  • Refine & clarify data analytics reports
  • Nurture existing customer relationships and handoffs
  • Improve marketing and sales reporting
  • Identify sales opportunities, such as upselling and cross-selling
  • Feed the marketing loop by following customers’ journey through the sales funnel

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