Work Experience Industries:

  • Healthcare Staffing
  • Engineering Staffing
  • Manufacturing Cost Reduction
  • Manufacturing with R&D
  • Startup Launching
  • Beverage development and distrobution

Job Titles by Experience:

Recovery Innovations INTL

Title : Director of hiring
  • Rebuilt a failed recruitment team division from the ground up providing working procedures as well as new staff
  • Fulfilled hiring needs for 5billion dollar 15 state healthcare conglomerate.
  • Fully remote work interviewed and hired a team of 10 producing up to 40 new hires per day.
  • Managed Recruitment Policies and Procedures through ADP Software Integration.
  • Produced company wide savings of $22 Million in contract hiring
  • Increased application rate and company awareness through social media campaigns.
  • Restructured the organization to interact with internal partners, current and gained staff to convert hourly outside employees to staff.
  • Managed the flow contacts into the organization based on a social media campaign specifically created for RI INTL
  • Increased low company morale through staff achievment recognition and social media campaign interviews

Parker Fabrication 2104-2015

Title : VP Sales
  • Led initial restructuring, including creating all new SOPs and reporting initiatives for $14ml manufacturing firm, precision 3D 5 axis laser, state of the art tube bending, CNC, milling, lathes, fabrication, stainless steel, & tubular production items.pecialized in mining and power generation.
  • Tooling design and fixtures for fortune 1000 customers.
  • Directed inside and outside sales, personally managing all major accounts of Fortune 1000 companies and revenue associated with maintenance and growth.
  • Integrated new formation of internal and external structure of business for aggressive growth.
  • Diversified current portfolio, performing due diligence in potential growth markets including current core competencies expansion in new market segments globally.
  • Reached a 24-year record in 2016-2017, delivering fiscal year revenue by delivering integrations of physical cutting-edge equipment that surpassed competitors abilities.
  • Established joint venture with a vital past and current company/customer (now a sister company), creating solutions for a shared customer base to provide turnkey cutting-edge lightweight first to market power generation, gen sets, solar, field service retro-fits for EPA Regulations and turnkey mining solutions.

MoveScience 2104-2015

Title : VP Strategic Initiatives

● Drove a variety of initiatives to advance the agenda of executive leadership and goals.
● Directed all sales to establish, monitor and update priorities for quarterly and annual goals.
● Managed and coordinated executive calendars and activities, including calls, meetings, conferences, presentations and communications.
● Created, established and directed resource meetings with internal and external parties, including senior level in-country, operational and corporate managers, Finance, Investor Relations, Communications, and M&A teams.
● Achieved actionable results by building strong relationships with internal stakeholders.
● Restructured the organization to interact with internal partners, current and gained staff; changes strongly correlated with exponential sales growth in medical, heavy construction, and consumer product designs and sales.
● Managed the flow of information and contacts in/out of the organization based on a deep and strategic knowledge of the executive priorities set forth.

Cyient Inc.

Title : Sr. Manager (North America)
Recruiting, Delivery & Sales
  • Headed recruiting and sales functions globally..
  • Planned, developed and implemented recruitment and staffing strategies, developing a pipeline of well-qualified and diverse candidates for exempt and non-exempt positions across oil & gas, consumer goods, manufacturing, aerospace, and other verticals.
  • Managed development, implementation and administration of compensation programs to attract
    and retain quality employees.
  • Conducted new employee orientations to foster positive attitude toward organization.
  • Identified key engagement drivers and developed the supporting strategies to align people,
    processes and work-related systems in order to achieve meaningful levels of job satisfaction and retention for the employee base.
  • Branded best practices and organizational efficiencies, as well as coached and trained operations/ training/account managers to properly apply HR policies and procedures within client’s sites across four US divisions, India, UK and Germany.
  • Developed and managed diversity metrics related to talent acquisition and management.
  • Implemented tactics, programs to meet state, organization’s training and development needs.

Dell (Formerly Perot Systems)

Title : Director/Senior Recruiting/Sales, eServ
  • Directly reported to the COO, measuring profitability and goal achievement while determining
    areas needing cost reduction and improvement.
  • Led sales and recruiting of highly competitive candidates across platforms.
  • Served major customers, including Johnson and Johnson, Whirlpool, CAT, Harley Davidson, and major players in aerospace and heavy-duty equipment.
  • Mentored and trained 3 recruiters to develop their competencies and achieve maximum performance level toward fulfillment of corporate goals.
  • Administered budget to fund marketing campaigns and advertising materials.
  • Developed Healthcare model implementation and executed services related to that industry
    through technology and communication based interactive development tools and improved
    processes needed in Sales and Healthcare related industry.
  • Obtained “Sales Award” by continuously surpassing target revenue for 4 consecutive years
  • Drove 50% growth of the company within competitive market place for 4 consecutive years
  • Conceptualized innovative plans to strategically recruit for a $3.9B publicly traded professional
    engineering firm consisting of 19,000 employees.
  • Oversaw more than 500 engineers and recruiting tools to accommodate BPO process among
    client base and servicing customers as well as Sales Engineers and end user.
  • Expertly managed a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) plan to coordinate $6M+ annual budget for direct hires, offers, orientation, negotiations, and relocation packages.
  • Carried out international recruiting and talent management in Europe, Asia, and Germany