Motion Graphics present the link between your ideas and your audience.

Title design is used to catch attention – and in this specific Ag market where long-time industrial workers may have hearing loss – we are designing the videos to reach a visual communication level that is as complete as the audio communication.

Neil’s field production experience generates usable real life video to integrate into your motion graphics titles.

Video Title Animation Designer IL

Neil is available to design your titles in Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects managing both background or natural footage and the graphic elements to meet your branding needs.

Video Designed for Reading – not listening

Since the majority demographic of customers is well on in age and has been working with heavy machinery most of their lives, we have designed graphics first presentations of the key selling points, with illustrative visuals from specific agricultural situations the product addresses:

Brand Expression through Video Graphics Design

Tell your story and make your brand statements with readable text instead of an audio presentation. In many of today’s social media platforms, the sound may be muted until the user ‘touches’ or clicks for sound. In the market space for this video, many of the users have age and work related hearing damage that makes it near impossible to hear the video sound if it’s coming out of the tiny ( and tinny ) speakers on a device.SHOW LESS