Affordable Video Production Chicago

If you’re looking for professional experience without the expense of a full crew, choose my experience as an solo producer to build your social media & music videos.

Storyline is still king.

My experience making network television reality TV knows how to shoot fast from live experience without needing a team for support.  You can strip your budget down as low as $500 a day.  I can commonly, shoot and edit a single storyline video in one day’s effort.  The more days you invest the richer the content experience – but if you’re starting out – getting those tracks on Youtube can mean the difference between building a following and missing your chance.

Boost your fan experience by developing a storyline between the different tracks of your latest album.  Tease the release of your newest work or latest show with a produced set of videos released into social media.  I know your phone can produce video, but it’s not making art – you’re an artist remember – your fans want you to set the tone!

Neil is by far the most talented videographer/artist I’ve ever hadthe pleasure of working with. He takes your visual dreams andmakes them a reality! I would highly recommend him if you wish totake your event or business venture to the next level!!  He produces your entire project down to weekly promotional videos gaining new clients so you don’t have to think about it each week.


Professional Bellydancer

this was my first time shooting on camera, nervous at first, but once the moments came it happened effortlessly with comfort and ease and it was so much fun!  Neil did such an amazingly beautiful job capturing these raw moments of self expression, dancing, releasing…on a high of living life through passion, free flowing & breaking free. I will cherish forever!



Graphic Music Video for EDM

If you are an electronic music producer, you may not want to do a ‘performance’ music video – but you can still express your artistic ideas and get the publicity of YouTube play along with providing DJ’s around the world with cool visuals to run in their multimedia decks.

Editing is $25/hr and simple music video builds can be done in as little as 4 hours from stock footage.  Investing a day of edit to produce your track for an outlet like Trap Nation can vault your track to stardom.  The whole ‘nation’ line of House, Bass, Indie, R&B, Rap, Chill, & Lowly stations aims to give voice to the errant jem of a track.

Engage your community

Engage your community in your video scripting and design.  Any army of excited and talented dancers, poets and performers are out there developing their skills while waiting for your call.  Many of them will work at low cost and you will benefit from their street level network.

Why not do a video production in each city of your tour?  Mostly, because people see it as too much work – but with the right relationship and process in place – artist’s like Bones – developed a following by the consistency of their posting.  Brevity and actvity win fans in today’s market.