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Create a brand for yourself

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I Believe in Incredible Yoga Experiences

And I want clients to find you – clients that love you – learn from you – and keep coming back for the steady stream of income you need to be your foundation to grow community and relationships in your classes.

define yOur Story

Spoken in your words.  Cleanly shot without excess artifice or hype.

Don’t Just Pray

Engage new clients in a hyper local ad-campaign:

  • facebook page + boost profiles
  • google analytics/adwords
  • google maps + local

Your advertising dollars will reach clients who are geotargeted and confirmed in your area.  A $20-30 per week advertising spend should fill your classes or private bookings and keep them filled.

be warm and welcoming


Your core loyal students sought and found the yoga they needed a long time ago – they’re not leaving.  But you need to look into a business principle of ‘customer aquisition cost‘ and marketing impressions for decision making‘.

I understand that it might look like an unsurmountable cost at first – but if you want to build your clientele into a solid financial base, you’ll have to accept the standard business costs.  Think through the objections and hesitations of those not yet accustomed to quality yoga instruction: body image, group class failures, esoteric language.  Take a few of those topics and speak something other than yoga-talk to new clients.  Warm them up to you, and expect to hold their hand through the process.  Plan for it to take 10 or more conversations, touches and incentives.  I will help you craft that message.


focus on facebook events

Coffee Bean

Local Radius

Coffee Bean

try don't buy

Coffee Bean

Lead Gently

Follow the advertisement guidelines and demographic settings for the lowest cost in ad-buying with Facebook.  Write separate advertisements for men and women.  Remember it’s not a commodity, and people actually like being presented with activities and options local to them instead of ‘buy this gadget’ adverts.  So present a unique experience, personal service and a local flavor and you’ll see a direct and measurable response.

Andra’s Case Study

Andra’s practice focus is the deep yin series of longer poses with detailed goals.

Andra’s clientele are middle and upper age group women who benefit from the range of motion maintenace and improvement seen with a coordinated practice.

Andra’s studio space is limited to 8, and so we have a very narrow focus for facebook advertising reaching women, 40 or over, seeking a deep non-athletic yoga experience.  Andra doesn’t need or want a full scale web experience for those clients and focuses on a mobile device ease of use and scheduling clarity.

Dial in your client focus like this and we can setup an advertising plan that keeps you busy.

Fully booked after 60 days

Andra’s marketing booked her schedule completely full in about sixty days.  Teaching yoga provides the main income for Andra to support herself and her teenage daughter.